Week of September 12, 2016


September is flying by as our students and teachers delve deeper into the curriculum. Our Innovation Lab and STEAM rooms have been used by several of our classes; fifth graders are creating a Geography Book with circuits allowing students to test their geography knowledge of the Map of the United States, our middle schoolers are working with Ozobot technology, and our second graders working with Osmo, and our fourth graders learned about force and friction when building card structures.

School Drop Off and Pick Up

As we enter the 4th week of the school year we hope that our students and families have settled into the correct routine regarding School Drop Off and Pick Up.

Our Before School Care program runs from 6:30 am to 8:40 am. The only students who should be coming to school during these times are those that have enrolled into our Before School Care program. We are staffing this program based upon the number of students who are enrolled in the program. We understand that every once in a while something may happen where you need to drop your child off before 8:40 am. If this is the case, please contact Paige or Lydia so we may make arrangements with our Before School Care staff.

Our school day starts at 9:00 am, so all students should be in the classroom and ready to learn by 9:00 am. Children who are not enrolled in our Before School Care program can begin arriving to school and enter their classrooms at 8:40 am.

Our school day ends at 4:00 pm, with our bus riders being dismissed between 3:45 and 4:00 pm. Students who do not participate in our After School Care program may be picked up between 3:45 and 4:00 pm. Our After School Care program is for students who have been enrolled in it and runs from 4:00-6:30 pm. Again, if something comes up and you are unable to pick up your child by 4:00 pm, please contact Paige or Lydia so we can make arrangements. If your child does not participate in our After School program but is participating in an After School Enrichment program which begins after 4:00 pm, you do not have to pick them up at 4:00 and bring them back for the enrichment program.

Parents' Night Out and Weekend Quest

If you have not already completed a Parents' Night Out form and submitted it along with payment please do so on Monday. We have extra forms at the front desk. This is a great opportunity for you to get out and enjoy some adult time knowing your kids are having a blast with us.

Weekend Quest-DC Days is open to third-eighth graders. Please submit your forms by Monday.

Any questions about Parents' Night Out and Weekend Quest please ask Lydia or Paige.

Middle School Students working with Ozobot

Middle school Ozobot

What's Coming Up...

Wednesday, September 21st: International Peace Day-Formal Uniform Day

Friday, September 23rd: Spirit Day and Parents' Night Out

Saturday, September 24th: Weekend Quest