Gummy Worms

Cody Shields

Learn how they are made/how to make your own! : )

The Start of Gummies

Hans Reigel is the famous candy maker from Germany who had thought of the gummy candy concept in 1922. These gummy candies were foreign to America until 1981, it was about 1981 when the American manufacturer by the name of Trolli developed the gummy worm. He wanted to give kids and people something fun, different, and weird (to some people) to snack on. Today, the gummy worm is one of the most popular gummies.

Main Producers

Two of the more popular gummy companies and Haribo and Trolli. Both being very successful candy companies, and creating many different unique types of gummies.

Haribo is actually a abbreviation for its creator, Hans Reigel Bonn. These companies use the manufacturing procedure of mass production to make all of the gummy candies for all of their customers

Fun Facts!

  • You can buy a huge gummy worm, "The World's Largest Gummy Worm", measuring at 26 inches long, weighing in at 3 pounds, and containing 4,000 calories!
  • Gummy worms were introduced about a year before the famous gummy bears were, July 15th, 1981.
  • Gummies main ingredients are gelatin, which is often made from animal products, such as bones. (Gross!)

Lots of fun for all friends and family!

Follow this link to create your own batch of gummy worms!