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doTERRA offers one of the best compensation plans

Just offering the highest quality essential oils wasn't enough for doTERRA. They wanted to offer the best method for distributing their product...their loyal customers. To encourage customers to share samples and teach others about essential oils, they created one of the best compensation plans in the network marketing industry. Watch the videos below to learn more about doTERRA's generous compensation plan.

NOTE: Since this website was created, doTERRA has changed the name of wholesale customers from IPC's (Independent Product Consultants) to WA's (Wellness Advocates). So anytime you hear "IPC," think WA or wholesale customer.

Also, PV means Point Value. Every doTERRA product is assigned a point value. Usually this is the same as the wholesale price, but not always. All compensation is based on PV and not on dollar amount.

Fast Start Bonus

Fast Start Bonus

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Power of 3

Compensation 101

Click on the link below for an 18 minute video that explains the entire doTERRA compensation plan.

Why doTERRA? Residual Income

This video is 31 minutes long but it is worth every minute. You'll be happy you watched it.
Creating residual income
Should you decide to take advantage of the business opportunity, there is ample training and support available to help you be successful. I'd love the chance to discuss the opportunity more with you and answer all your questions.

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