Chisholm Ridge Wranglers Weekly

November 13-17

CRES Mission Statement

Wrangler pride is working together to reach our goals in learning and life.

Life Principle of the Week: Compassion

Compassion: ability to share another's feeling or ideas

“Never judge another man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins. ” --- Native American Proverb

This Week at The Ridge

Monday: Regular Schedule. Heavy ARD day. No Staff Meeting!

Tuesday: PLC Day. Please meet in Room A17 for PLC meetings.

Wednesday: Regular Schedule. Van Cliburn performance for 2nd-4th grade @ 9:00, 5th Grade to Camp El Tesoro @ 9:00.

Thursday: Regular Schedule. Cook off campus.

Friday: Wrangler Round-Up, please send representative to set up gym by 7:00.

Relevance shows in 5th Grade Bathroom Remodel!

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Teacher To Do List:

  1. Please make sure your students use the restroom BEFORE lunch! We are having quite a few behavior concerns at the restrooms during lunch. Students should be able to wait until after lunch if they had an opportunity before lunch.
  2. Check your gradebook to ensure timely uploads of all grades. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

Nov. 13: Grades due in Skyward by 8:00 A.M.

Nov. 14: Progress Reports Sent Home

Nov. 15: VanCliburn to perform for grades 2-4 @ 9:00 in cafeteria.

Nov. 15-17: 5th Grade to Camp El Tesoro

Nov. 20-24: Thanksgiving Holidays

Dec. 4-5: Instructional Rounds, Debrief during PLC

Dec. 6: CRES to host Learning Walks for Assistant Principals

Dec. 8: End of 2nd Three Weeks for 2nd Nine Weeks

Dec. 12: Progress Reports Sent Home

Dec. 13: Preliminary Spelling Bee, District Holiday Open House

Dec. 14: PTA sponsors Cocoa with Santa @ 6:00

Dec. 15: Early Dismissal, Staff Luncheon

Shout Outs!

  • Shout out to Ms. Carroll and Mr. Howerton for being flexible with computer lab times so I can squeeze in my I-Station testing! - Duckworth

  • Shout out to Paula Price! She has a vibrant class full of creative energy and she handles them with love, joy, patience, and total acceptance no matter what- Hayes

  • It’s a late one but shout to Admin for the wonderful Nacho surprise lunch. -Kurtzhals

  • Shout out to Ricks for helping me get a bunch of rowdy first graders out to the buses!

    And to Brandy for holding down the office by herself! -Jester
  • Brooke Kemp for Flex grouping reading groups like a champ! -Salas
  • To Eddie: Thank you for taking time after school to help a stranded motorist. It might have been "nothing" to you, but you saved the day for her! -Coach Rogers

November Birthdays

11/1- Laura Musgrove

11/5- Michelle Gaytan

11/14- Melody Duckworth