Mrs. Simac's 2nd Grade News

March 26, 2015


I hope that you all have a restful and wonderful break! There will be NO homework assigned over break (or ever in our classroom!). However, here are some practice ideas:

  • Read! Read! Read!
  • Write! Write me a letter, email me or write on Kidblog. Send me pictures of the fun stuff you are doing on break!
  • Practice counting money. For example, crack open the piggy bank and ask your child to show you different amounts, "show me 2 ways to make $0.35".
  • Map Skills - Look at and explore different maps, especially if you are going somewhere new. Staying in Eagle River? Explore new places using Google Maps or Google Earth. Ask questions like, "What is one city or town South of Eagle River?" Explore one place that you'd like to visit!
  • Math Facts - Have your child make their own flashcards or verbally quiz them, "What is 4 + 6?" Or work in facts to every day questions, "I have 4 sea shells and just found 3 more, how many do I have in all?"
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Student Section!

Each week, we read this newsletter on the Smartboard before I email it to you. The kids would like to add some things. We will be including a "Student Section". Enjoy!

Mason: We just got back from the Pines Pride Celebration. They played the Hungry Hippos game!

Jason: We will watch the Witches this week!

Malia: Tomorrow is my half birthday!

Cole: Ethan won the Pines Pride Celebration!

J.T.: I am sick of all this snow.

Mrs. Simac: I will not be here tomorrow. Either will Ms. Toivonen. We will miss you all!

Coming Up in 2nd Grade...

When we return from Spring Break, we will begin learning about the solar system. If you have time and are interested, check out some books or videos about the solar system. Students will be expected to learn and know the name and order of the planets!
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Contact Information

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(715) 479-6471, ext. 3215

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