Can You Resume A Dream?

by Alex Metzger

What are dreams?

dreams are apart of life and when you sleep if we didn't have dreams people wouldn't have feeling when they wake up like sad mad or happy. all dreams can go from 5 minutes long to 45 minutes long. you dream about 5 times a night every night.

Scientists believe that dreams are all psychological. dreams are what cause sleepwalking and the worst wetting the bed. nightmares is manly a bad dream which in volves friends or family in a bad way.

dreams where first discover by a man in ancient green in the 1800's. dreams make up of sounds ideas feelings and images during sleep.dreams are usually not realistic and don't mean anything. Dreams can be frightening and terrifying, magical and wonderful adventures or they can be quite mundane and boring. scientists have discovered that when you dream your emotions part of your brain stays on.

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scientist and psyciologist

scientist have yet to figure out how dreams work. scientist are still trying to figure out how dreams work now and many scientist and psychologist are still working towards it. scientist believe dreams have know big or real reason. but psychologist believe that it has a big propose that hasn't been figured out yet.

NOVA is research team trying to figure out, about what dreams are. psychologist and scientists are trying to work together to figure out dreams.scientists and many people are still asking questions about dreams like how they work.

now scientists can look into a sleeping brain and figure out what parts stay awake and run during you sleep.for many years scientists have been getting closer and closer to finding out what dreams are. over the years many theories have been produced.

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resuming a dream

almost everyone has to dream you might not know it but you do. if you wake up and want to resume a dream all you have to do is stay still and you will most likely fade back to sleep

there are people in the world that cant dream but that is extremely rare when you sleep only parts of your brain go to sleep and the rest is what causes the dreams and keeps them going. if you wake up and move around you can still go back into the dream but it is extremely harder then just staying still.

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definition:of, affecting in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person.