The Big Fish

His First Great Love

Significant Quote-" It was my fathers great joy and misfortune to fall in love with the most beautiful woman in the town of Auburn, and possibly in the entire state of Alabama, Miss Saundra Kay Templeton".

One Word-Trouble

Description-The overall function of the chapter in the novel is to show who his first love is. It also show's what kind of man Edward is, instead of writing songs or fighting he just stayed back and looked at her.

His Legendary Legs

Significant Quote-It was not running so much as flight, his legs seeming to never touch the ground but move across a current of air.

One word-Fast

Description-The overall function of the chapter in the novel is to add on to the wild stories that he Edward tells William. It just shows another thing that Edward is extraordinary at.


In Which He Makes His Move

Significant Quote-Not surprisingly, at that precise moment she was feeling the same way he was: her body was about to explode, the blood was tight against her skin, and she needed to release the pressure.

One Word-Extraordinary

Description-This helps to form the novel by showing how different Edward is than anyone else. There were countless other men the wanted Saundra Templeton, and they tried to get her anyway they could, but they couldn't. Then Edward comes along and ask's her out and she likes him.

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The Fight

Significant Quote-"Simply by being who he was-no more-no less- my father was winning my mothers heart".

One Word-Intense

Description-This is important to the novel because it shows Edwards love for his wife. Even though Don was bigger than him, Edward would not let Don take Saundra. It also shows how much he cares about her because he would not let Don drive her down the mountain for anything because he was drunk, but if Edward drove her down the mountain he would let her choose who she would want to go with.

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On Meeting The In-Laws

Significant Quote-"And I am going to lover her and take care of her for the rest of my life".

One Word-Interesting

Description-The overall function of this chapter in the novel is to show that Edward can do about anything. He can run faster than almost everyone he meets, gets the prettiest girls in Alabama, and he becomes friends with his wife's father, that was not invited to the wedding.

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