The Hedgehog

By Paul Muldoon

The Hedgehog is a poem written by Paul Muldoon that describes how things are looked at in this world. "The Hedgehog shares its secrets with no one. We say, hedgehog, come out of yourself and we will love." I believe that the author is trying to say that hedgehog doesn't want to be loved he just wants to watch what is going on in this world. I think that the main rhetorical strategy is pathos, because it is emotional the hedgehog wont come out and share its secrets with world.

The poem

The Hedgehog

By Paul Muldoon

The snail moves like a

Hovercraft, held up by a

Rubber cushion of itself,

Sharing its secret

With the hedgehog. The hedgehog

Shares its secret with no one.

We say, Hedgehog, come out

Of yourself and we will love you.

We mean no harm. We want

Only to listen to what

You have to say. We want

Your answers to our questions.

The hedgehog gives nothing

Away, keeping itself to itself.

We wonder what a hedgehog

Has to hide, why it so distrusts.

We forget the god

under this crown of thorns.

We forget that never again

will a god trust in the world.

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Authors Bio

Paul Muldoon was born on June, 20 1951. He was born in Portadown, and raised in Northern Ireland. He is one of more famous Irish poets out there. He went to school at Princeton University, and is also the President of the Poetry Society in the UK.
Muldoon is the youngest member of a group of Northern Irish poets and is still making poems to this day.
Irish Writers In America - Paul Muldoon reads Hedgehog
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