Mixing Songs Together

How I learned more about The Numark Mixtrack Pro

The Mixtrack Pro

The Mixtrack I have is called a Numark Mixtrack pro. This Mixtrack is a common favorite to use. The DJ came with a DJ software called Virtual DJ. this Mixtrack is a very simple one to use. It make look really hard to use with all the nobs and switches but it is easier than it looks.

Frequantly asked Questions

What is the big spinning circle? It is called a Turn table and it can slow down or speed up the tempo of the song or rewind and fast forward. How do you make the scratching sound? well, there is a button called scratch right next to the turn table and then you spin the turn tables. how is it powered? it has a USB the plugs into the computer and it powers it and it connects to the DJ software. What software do you use? I use a mixing software called Virtual DJ.

The Songs

SKRILLEX - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
"scary monsters and nice sprites""reptile" garageband mix