MesoAmerica civilizations


The Mayans came from places such as southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. they had more than 36 languages in their culture. And they used hyrogifics in their writing. They would weave their clothes they wore. And they built lots of cities in their time.

They farmed a lot of corn in their culture. They used a specific farming method where they would look at the sun and stars to know when to plant.

The Mayans invented the mathematical conception of 0.

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The Inca's were located in South America. Places like Peru, Colombia, and Argentina. They used an unusual way to communicate called quipu. They also used a language called Quechua.

The Inca's farmed using a method called "terrorist farming" They farmed things like corn and potatoes.

They built jig-saw like structures that were very sturdy. And Gold was also very sacred to them.

They were the first people to perform surgery and figured at ways to create lots of medicine.

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The Aztecs were from Mexico city. And they used a picture like a language.

They farmed lots of CoCoa beans, In fact, they invented chocolate. They also invented education for kids.

The built many temples and pyramids in their time.

A special part in their culture was playing a game with a ball. They weren't able to use their feet or hands while playing. The point of the game was to make sacrifices. And making sacrifices were a very important part of their culture.

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