Yellow Ducks

February 8-12

Everything is Ducky!

This week, we grew! We are such big boys and girls, that we no longer use the rope to get to our destinations. We hold hands now; we are still perfecting this. : )

Also, Mrs. Vargas covered up the photos on our sign-in cards. So we have to recognize the letters in our names, without a photo to help us.

We were so excited to bring out some new toys, including MagnaTiles, colorful placemats, the giant Legos and the wooden blocks and the colorful wooden block people. It's like Christmas in here, with all the new toys! We are working on not grabbing things from our friends...but instead, waiting our turn. Also, we have talked about the Golden Rule-treating others the way we would like to be treated.

Go Yellow Ducks!

Oh, and of corse, we LOVED our Valentines parties! : ) Thank you!

Coming up...the letter "A"

Important Dates & Reminders

This SAT night the 13th: SMEP Gala...(Fun!)

Monday, February 15th: NO SCHOOL; Presidents' Day

Friday, February 26th: Dads' Hoedown Breakfast in our room (8:30-9:00)

March 2nd & 3rd: Group Photos