Royals Pregame Nutrition

Brooke McKee

Lorenzo Lamar Cain

Lorenzo was born on April 13, 1986. He is currently 29 years old. He was born in Valdosta, Georgia and went to college in Tallahassee Community College in Florida. Cain first debuted with the Royals on July 16, 2010, Cain didn't actually start playing baseball until high school. He is married to Jenny Cain. They have a son named Cameron Leo Cain.


What Athletes Eat Pre-game

To get all of the energy needed you must eat nutritious foods several days prior to the event, 70% of caloric intake for up to three days prior to the event. The pre-game meal will stabilize blood sugar levels, hydrate the body, and help prevent hunger during the event. Starches and other complex carbohydrates are very important to eat pre-game time because they breakdown and are digested at a rate that provides energy faster than proteins and fats. During the sporting event, athletes should interchange drinking water and Gatorade or another energy drink because they are absorbed more readily and help to reduce core temperatures. Whole meals should be eaten three hours prior to the game and a healthy snack should be eaten one hour prior to the sports event.

Fun Fact

White bread and whole grain bread break down the same. Whole grain bread only gives you a bit more fiber but there is no big health difference between the two.