An island Owned by Bailey Kiehl

Location and Physical Features

The name of my island is BAILEYVILLE. It is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is located at 34 degrees North and 138 degrees West. It's relative location is in the Pacific Ocean next to the United States. We have the glorious Tristan Peaks and the beautiful Dad's Lake. Mom's River is a corridor for BAILEYVILLE because you can access it from the Pacific Ocean and it goes through most of our country.

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Most people live in BIGBITOL. People live there because there is a lot of nice restaurants and fun parks and shops to visit.We have High density population because we have several cities with high population. Our population is staying the same because we have already expanded to the limits. People move around a lot because there is so much to explore on the rest of the island.

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We have a limited government, this means that our people have a lot of say in anything. We also live in a democracy, so our people have to vote for changes in our government.

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Our island is developed and has many great services to offer including restaurants, parks, and sporting events. Our way of economy is socialism. You don't have to be a citizen of Baileyville to vote. Our country makes most of its money from services and the money we make goes to more services to please you! We import mostly food because we have a lot of resources just not a wide supply of food. we export fresh coconuts and bananas to countries all over the world.

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