By: Mihir K., Swarangi P., Harish S., Ruham T.

Humor Book By Harish and Ruham

Darth Paper Strikes Back Summary By: Ruham

  • In Ralph McQuarrie Middle School, Harvey gets mad on Dwight and his puppet so he get's him expelled.So origami yoda has a plan. He get's Tommy and Kellen to make a file for Dwight and how he helped them.But Harvey got his own plans.

Case File 13: Making The Team Summary By: Harish

Nick, Carter, and Angelo are back to finding monsters again. There is a new private school in town that claims that there football team is inhumanly good. The boys think that they might have another real monster on their hand. What's worse is that they may need help from their girl rivals Angie, Tiffany, and Danna to get to the bottom of it. Their adventure will be a scary funny book. By: J. Scott Savage

Mystery books by Swarangi

The Mystery of the Missing Necklace

Together again in the summer holidays, the Five Find Outers are finding a exciting summer rather dull. One day they learn that Peterswood is apparently the headquarters of a gang of poachers who are carrying out burglaries outside of the village. It appears that the gang may be passing messages to each other in Peterswood. The children learn that the gang plan to meet at a waxworks hall, to discuss their next robbery. Fatty disguises himself as Napoleon so that he can listen in on the gang's meeting. Unfortunately, during the gang meeting, Fatty is caught. The gang tie Fatty up and lock him in a cupboard before leaving to carry out their latest jewellery robbery. Luckily Larry returns to the Town hall and frees him. Though the jewel thieves are arrested, a pearl necklace they stole is missing. The five smart friends finally resolve the mystery.

Author : Enid Blyton

Fantasy books by Mihir

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief

By Rick Riordan

Artemis Fowl The Opal Deception

By Eoin Colfer

WARP The Reluctant Assassin

By Eoin Colfer

Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban

By J. K. Rowling

The Lost Hero

By Rick Riordan

Summary of The Opal Deception

After Artemis Fowl had been mind wiped by the faries, he reverted back to his criminal ways. His biggest enemy, Opal Koboi, is trying to kill him and the fairies, so he must accept this new world and his good side to stop Opal. Can he stop her and find a way to fond his old memories?