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Important Dates

No School March 25-28th

Mindcore Dates:

Pledge Sheets due March 31st

Mindcore Questioning April 1st

Mindcore Donations due back ASAP

This Week:

Math: Division and Multiplication

Writing: Publishing Opinion Pieces

Reading: Refining Strategies and Skills

Science: Ending our Weather and Climate Unit

Social Studies: Upcoming Unit is Economics

Up Next:

Math: Fractions--no worries!

Writing: A taste of poetry

Reading: Quarterly Assessment & Smarter Balance Preparations

Science: Fun science topics

Social Studies: Economics coming up!

April 13th—Service Learning Project

As third graders, students complete a service learning project with an organization called Lunch is Served. We will be making and packaging sack lunches that are distributed to individuals who take day-labor jobs. These are people who know the value of hard work and are trying to break the cycle of poverty. If not for Lunch is Served! these people may often times go without a meal.

In order to get to the location where we pack the meals, we need to be transported by parent volunteers. If you would be able to drive us on April 13th please fill out the Unsupervised Volunteer form found here.

Alternative Seating Thanks to Donors Choose

Thanks to a Donors Choose project that I set up our class received several alternative forms of seating that we will begin using: Hokki stools and balance discs. We also have two yoga balls that we will be rotating through for the next few weeks. After that, students will be able to make choices about what helps them learn the best. Because these materials were purchased through generous donations, we need to write thank-yous to our donors. If you would be willing to let us take photos of your student using the materials we've been given, please fill out the short release form sent home with your student today. The materials arrived this week and the students are extremely excited to begin using them. Thank you!

**All snacks must be PEANUT **FREE and healthy, please!

March 29-April 1 Abby

April 4-April 8 Jadyn

April 11-April 15 Mikayla

April 18-April 22 Ella D.

April 25- April 28 Austin

May 2-May 6 Carter