Implantable Contraceptive

By: Kaitlin Kowal & Grace Martino, TB2

What is Implantable Contraceptive?

An Implantable Contraceptive is small flexible plastic tube containing hormones that doctors insert, just under the skin of the upper arm.
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How do Implantable Contraceptives work?

The implanted tube slowly releases low levels of the hormone "Progestin" to prevent pregnancy.

How well do Implantable Contraceptives work?

This contraceptive is very effective. It is not likely that a woman will be impregnated, only 1 out of 100 women will have an accidental pregnancy.

What do Implantable Contraceptives protect against?

It protects against pregnancy and STD's.

What are the side effects of Implantable Contraceptives?

Some side effects are:

~ Irregular or no menstrual periods

~ Heavier or lighter periods

~ Spotting between periods

~ Weight gain

~ Headaches

~ Acne

~ Breast tenderness

~ Irritation, infection, and possible scarring near where tube was inserted.

Who uses Implantable Contraceptives?

Women who forget to take birth control pills or who want long-term protection against pregnancy.

How do you get an Implantable Contraceptive?

A woman can get on from a doctor or another medical health professional who has been trained in how to insert one.

How much do Implantable Contraceptives cost?

This contraceptive is very efficient, which means the cost is relatively high. One can cost several dollars to over one-thousand dollars.

Would Kaitlin and Grace recommend this contraceptive?

We are on the fence about this question. We would recommend this because it works. However, the side effects are quite disturbing.