Walt Disney

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Background on Walt Disney

Walter Elias Disney, also known as "Walt Disney", was born on December 5,1901 in Hermosa,Chicago,IL. Walt was an entrepreneur,cartoonist,animator,voice actor, and film producer. Walt and his brother Roy O. Disney co-founded The Walt Disney Company. Walt, along with his staff, created numerous famous fictional characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Walt died from lung cancer on December 15, 1966 in Burbank, California. He left behind a broad legacy which includes: all the films he produced as well as the company, theme parks, and animation studios that have his name.

Significance in the 1920's

Walt began as a cartoonist in the 1920's. During the 1920's "Steamboat Willie" premiered. It was the cartoon that debut Mickey Mouse and it also was the first cartoon to incorporate sound. This changed cartoon films forever. People all over America and the world were able to enjoy cartoons at a whole new level. The productions of Walt Disney's films made a very big impact on 1920'a decade and the cartoons that occurred during it.
Walt Disney Animation Studios' Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie

The debut of Mickey Mouse

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