Easter Party

Come over and gather as many eggs as you can and hurt poeple

Operation Bad Eggs is Underway

Operation Bad Eggs is getting closer and closer. Make you have passed the PT test required for this mission. There are a lot of bad eggs out there and they all come from one bunny...M. Bunbun! This mission will not be easy, so you need to be physically and mentally prepared. God speed, men. Come on get an Egg!! HOORAH!!!

The hunt for the Bunny's eggs!

Sunday, Mar 31st, 4-6pm

Easter Island, Isla de Pascua, Chile

We will hijack the bunny's main exporting vehicle and use it to infiltrate and rade the Bunny's headquarters. Once their, we will take any eggs that may be lying around. If the Bunny is spotted, capture him by any means neccessary; dead or alive! we will find the Bunny, and we will take its eggs. HOORAH!!


2:30 - Locate the Bunny"s vehicle. 4 - Use the vehicle to sneak into the Bunny"s vehicle. 4:30 - Fight through any of the Bunn"s evil minions; NO MERCY! 6 - Infiltrate the Bunny"s main power sorce and destroy it. 6:30 - Rade the premisses of any eggs. 7:30 - Look for anything that can lead to the Bunny"s whereabouts.8:30 - If spotted, capture him by any means neccessary; dead or alive! 9:30 - Go to a Whataburger. 10 - Return to base.

We are the Super Troopers!

We are teh super troopers! And when there is evil afoot, you can count on the super troopers to be there and save the day. HOORAH!!