Ancient Greek Theatre

Modern Theatre has elements of Ancient Greek Theatre


The Greek Theatre began with festivals honoring their gods. Plays were presented at City Dionysia festival. Athens was the main center for these theatrical traditions. The Athenians spread these festivals to numerous allies to promote identity.


At the early Greek festivals, the actors, directors and dramatists were all the same person. A bit later on, only three actors were allowed to perform in each play. Later a few non-speaking roles were allowed to perform on stage.


There were three types of plays: Tragedy, Comedy and Satyr. Tragedy and Comedy were seen as completely separate genres. Satyr on the other hand was dealt with the mythological subject in comic matter.


The Theatre/Plays was called a Theatron. The theatres were large, open-air structures constructed on slopes of hills, The Theatron was consisted of three main element: Orchestra, Skene and Audience.

Masks and Costumes

The actors were so far away from the audience they had to wear exaggerated costumes and masks. Masks were made of linen or cork. Tragic masks carried mournful or painful expressions, while comic masks were smiling and joyful.

By Declan Beatty