Digital Citizenship

By: Ossaid Ahmed

Digital Citizenship and How it Affects Us

Digital Citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use. Technology is everywhere, there are about 2 billion internet users around the world. The internet is easily accessible using devices such as, computers, smartphones and tablets. Social Media is also everywhere. With 750 million users on Facebook alone, the internet is a wonderful place if used safely and responsibly.

Digital Citizenship Is a Part in Our Everyday Life

  • Assists in Research
  • Helps Commerce
  • Assists in Work
  • Improves Education

Social Media

Social Media is a huge part of our Digital identity, it is a place where people talk with friends, post pictures and videos and post status updates. 82% of people on social media share picture, 65% share status updates, 73% share interest and 58% share their age. As amazing as social media is, it is also a very dangerous place, sharing too much can also be very dangerous as there are predators online
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Cyber Bullying

Sharing too much can also lead to Cyber Bullying, 39% of people on social media have been bullied, some have even committed suicide. 25% of social media accounts accounts are fake, she or he could be a cyber predator. Cyber criminals use social to steal personal information and spread malware.
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How To Deal With Cyber Bullying

If a kid is a victim of cyber bullying, they should always talk to a parent or a trusted adult, for example a teacher, a guidance counselor or a uncle or aunt. Kids can also call kids help phone to talk to a person if they are in the need of help. If a kid is getting bullied they should always block the person who is hurting them and always tell a trusted person about their problem before it is too late.

Ways People Keep Safe On The Interent

  • Never give your personal information
  • Parents should use Parental Control
  • Parents should set rules for their children
  • Never share too much information
  • Don't add or talk to people you don't know

What You Share on Social Media Can Affect Your Future

  • 85% of the top collages in U.S.A use social media to recruit students
  • 24% of collage admissions check Facebook profiles
  • 12% of them have found something that negatively affected an application
  • 91% of employers in the U.S use social media to screen job applicant
  • 69% of employers have rejected a candidate because of what they saw on social media
  • 8% of companies have fired someone because of something they said on social media


To conclude, it is very important to use the internet responsibly, never post or say anything that you will regret in the future
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