Isaac Newton


Background Facts

  • In 1661 at age 19 Isaac went to Trinity College in Cambridge. He received his Bachelors degree 1665 and went on to get his Masters degree. But an epidemic of the plague caused the university to close.
  • In his later years, Newton moved to London, he served parliament and was head of the Mint (where money is made)
  • At age 12 he was sent to the kings school in Grant-ham, where he lived in the home of an apothecary named Clark, who introduced him to chemistry.
  • He was never married and he never had any children.


  • Part of Newtons optics was aided with the use of a reflecting telescope that he designed and constructed in 1668-his first major public scientific achievement.
  • Newton explained the idea that forces need to act on an object and need to overcome inertia if the object is to react.
  • Newton was knighted by Queen Anne for his great works in both science and public service. He was the first scientist to be honored this way.
  • In 1687 after 18 months of non-stop intense and effective work, Newton published the Principa, which was said to be the single most influential book on physics and possibly all of science.

Impact On Today

  • Newton watched an apple fall to the ground, he thought about the force that drew the apple to the ground, he theorized that the same force kept the moon in orbit around the earth. the force was gravity.
  • Newtons wide range of discoveries from his theories of optics to his ground breaking work on the laws of motion and gravity formed the basis for modern physics.
  • Newtons findings helped scientists to produce great improvements in the design of lenses and for manufactured eye glasses.
  • Isaac Newton invented the reflections telescope that is still used as a model for modern instruments today.

Interesting Facts

  • He became famous not only among scientists, but to the general population, his books interested everyone from journalists to poets to teachers in every discipline.
  • He was buried on April 4th 1727 among Britain's queens and kings and dukes and earls in London's West-ministers abbey.
  • He was born as a premature baby and he wasn't expected to live.
  • When he went to school in Cambridge he lived with a family that lived closer to the school because his house was 5 miles away.

I keep the subject constantly before me, and wait till the first dawnings open slowly, by little by little into a full and clear light.-Isaac Newton

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