Jenna M., Melita D., Kamery D.

Properties of Magnets

  • Attracts iron and materials that contain iron
  • Attracts and repels other magnets
  • Points north when allowed to swing freely

Magnetic Poles

What are Poles

Poles are the two ends of a magnet.

Two Types of Poles

  • North
  • South

How Poles Interact

  • Like poles repel: North & North or South & South
  • Unlike poles attract: North & South

Magnetic Force

Two Types of Magnetic Force

  • Attract
  • Repel

Relating Magnetic Force to Magnetic Poles

  • North & South attract
  • South & South or North & North Repel

Magnetic Fields

What are they

Invisible lines that map out the magnetic field around the magnet.
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How is the Distance of Field Lines Determined

The distance between magnetic field lines indicates the strength of a magnetic field.

Where are Field Lines the Strongest

The field lines are the strongest at the poles.

Magnetic Domains

What are Magnetic Domains

A grouping of atoms that have their magnetic fields aligned is known as a magnetic domain.