Colonial Region Activity

Amari Ziton Hour 1

New York City

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The Colonies


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Hudson River

The Hudson River was named after Henry Hudson who came across the Hudson River while searching for Canada in 1609. The Hudson River played a major role and giving Americans independence. The river was used to the Revolutionary War to transport troops and supplies. The Hudson was also a big connection through the New England and Middle regions.


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Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay serves a very complex ecosystem with water, land, and people. The Bay holds a major significance with the growth and development of the United States. Chesapeake is very rich and natural and is a great resource for fish, oysters, etc.


1. Georgia was originally apart of the Carolinas, until Oglethorpe had the idea to make Georgia a safe area for debtors and women with children. Eventually Georgia was made up as a safe zone and an area for trade through the Mississippi River.

2. William Penn's idea for Pennsylvania was to be the Land of Promise. He wanted to see the truth of freedom behind men and women. After Penn's death, Pennsylvania grew under religious traditions and freedom of law.

3. New Orange

4. New York was divided up by religion, politics, economics, and ethics.

5. The English focused on North and South Carolina first to due with the fact that they were one of the original colonies. Also, the northern half was attracted by frontiersmen and the southern was heavily populated by the wealthy. North and South Carolina also produced rapid development and population growth