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The CCSMS CatClub is designed for all fellow cat-lovers to connect!

CCSMS CatClub has yet to have set dates for meetings because the club hasn't acquired any regular members. That is why we need YOU!

Cat Quote of the Day:

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”

― Charles Dickens

Cats are awesome-everybody knows that!

Share funny pictures, videos, or stories of your cat-tastic feline by joining CCSMS CatClub!

We are a club all about having fun and getting to know your fuzzy friend! We also plan to visit shelters to see our local cats as well as coming up with new ideas to help save strays!


The Founders and Fellow Members of the CatClub:

This club is guaranteed to be relaxing and fun! Talk to one of the fellow members if interested!

Frequently asked Questions (about cats)

Do cats only drink milk?

No, they actually prefer water. Tom and Jerry isn't always accurate.

Why are cat pictures all over the internet?

Because they are amazing...duh.

How much should a cat weigh?

As much as they want! We do not discriminate.

Why do cats have whiskers?

Because it is cute... if you had the choice wouldn't you want whiskers? Exactly.

What even are cats?

Go away before I beat you up.

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