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Pull up a chair, a cup of coffee/tea, and enjoy reading this newsletter :)

I hope you enjoyed my first parent Smore. Here is a LINK to that Smore, just in case you missed it.

This month

  1. Some ideas to help your AMAZING kids SUCCEED at school,
  2. What we are doing in class
  3. Some pictures of your kids enjoying class :)

If you have anything that you would like me to address in the next newsletter, let me know :)

Can the food your child eats effect their day?


Sometimes, it is hard to focus, not just for kids with ADHD/ADD. The following diet can help a child who struggles with staying on-task at school. Watch what your students are eating and make sure that those... not so healthy treats are limited.

>>>>>>>> AND >>>>>>> ALWAYS! Eat BREAKFAST! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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7 Tips to help your struggling reader.

7 Tips to help your struggling reader

1) Set aside time to read at least 4-5 times a week. Be consistent… this should be a non-negotiable. Set page goals not minutes, like 5-10 pages per day. When the pages are read, they are done for the day.

2) Use incentives such as…

Trade time for something they love to do… certain number of pages read translate into minutes to spend watching TV or playing video games.

Or so many books read= a trip to ArtCafe or a park.

3) Read WITH your child

…he reads a page, you read a page.

4) Have “reading parties” where every one brings a book and snuggles in a spot to read their book.

5) If your struggling reader has a younger brother or sister, get them to read to their younger sibling(s).

6) Make sure your struggling reader is reading books that are interesting to them. Kids will read “above their reading level” if they find the book interesting.

7) If the book your kid is reading (and enjoying) is part of a series, try sticking to the series. A series gives your reader the same format, the same characters, and often the same setting for several books. These familiar things will help them understand the story more quickly.

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MATH- 5th Grade


We have started a new program this week to help improve our Math. Through a book series called "Corrective Mathematics". I believe that this book will help us prepare for the transition to middle school.

What is it?

"Corrective Mathematics teaches students the strategies they need for learning facts, working computation problems, and solving story problems. Corrective Mathematics' consistent and carefully sequenced lessons quickly bring students up to date on core skills, and each skill is taught so students fully understand it and practice it until it is mastered."

We Love Math!

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Spelling: Hear It, Say It + Write It

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COLOR CODING letters P, Q, B, and D then graphing our results

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Focusing on what they are reading in class

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Reading in Kindergarten Class

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