Happy Friday, Lil Steamer Families!

August 23, 2019

From the desk of: Principal Hoese

We did it! The first week of school has come and gone (albeit a three-day week!) However, it was an amazing experience here in #SteamerNation. We truly hope that your kids had as much fun as we did in kicking off the start of our school year!

I wanted to continue with explaining my educational values that guide me. A quick recap of all three of those values is as follows:


STUDENT-CENTERED LEARNING: It is vitally important to never forget why we are here. The goal of elementary schools is to tap into the potential in each and every one of our students, while creating a passion for learning. Overall student achievement will increase when students are able to learn at their own pace with a variety of teaching styles and formats offered to them. Fulton Elementary will continue to embrace the value of student-centered learning, always putting the needs of our students first.

SRO Leitzen's Tip of the Week!

Slow down in school zones. The safety of our students is not worth saving a few minutes on a morning or afternoon commute.

From the desk of: Counselor Mrs. Meumann

My classroom welcome back visits are completed and went well. I explained what a counselor does by showing them a smore. The bottom cracker is for support - I support the students and encouraged them to see me if they were struggling. The chocolate is the sweet part - the sweet part of my job is working with the students. The marshmallows are the students. I explained how I see students individually and in groups to help them to work through anything they may be struggling with. I also make monthly visits to their classrooms to talk about friendship, responsibility, and problem solving. The top cracker holds it all together. Sometimes students may feel like their world is falling apart. I am here to support those students and to help them to develop strategies and coping skills to work through it.

New Gaga Pit Courtesy of Our Amazing PTO!

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) worked tirelessly this summer to coordinate and plan the construction of a new gaga pit for kids! It has been filled non-stop with kids since school started! Thank you, PTO!
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First Day of School Photos

Fist Bumps & a BIG GOAL!

On the first day of school, Principal Hoese introduced himself to every student in every class by asking their name and fist bumping. He then asked for help to accomplish one of his personal goals for the year: to learn EVERY student's name -- all 396 of them! Since then, students have be quizzing the new principal relentlessly when they see him to see if he can remember their name!

Everything That Is Real Was Imagined First!

FHS senior Katie Grant has completed another AMAZING mural at FES outside of the south library entrance! She will be spending time for her FHS community involvement class at FES painting more murals throughout the year!
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FES Picture Day

Wednesday, Aug. 28th, 8am

1301 7th Avenue

Fulton, IL

#SteamerNation Fridays!

Friday, Aug. 30th, 8am

1301 7th Avenue

Fulton, IL

Each Friday, staff is encouraged to wear any type of #SteamerNation shirt with jeans. We would like to see our students join in our school spirit by wearing any of their #SteamerNation gear each Friday with us! "Onward, Fulton!"
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