The Life of Al Capone

By: Lauren White

Al Capone's Early Years

Al Capone was born on the 17th of January in 1889 to parents Gabriel and Theresa Capone. He lived with his parents and other siblings in New York. In sixth grade, Al Capone commited his first act of violence when he beat up his teacher. Then, after taking a beating from the principal, Al dropped out of school.

Al's Crimes

Prison For Capone

Eastern State Penitentiary

Al Capone was arrested in 1929 for carrying a deadly concealed weapon. He stayed at the prison for eight months from 1929-1930. THis was Capone's very first prison sentence. However, it wasn't exactly a punishment for Al. In his room he had, fine furniture, oriental rugs, and even a wall radio.


Al Capone was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in Alcatraz. This prison however, wasn't as easy going and luxorius as the Eastern State Penitentiary. While serving his time, Al got into a fight with another inmate and then had to spend 8 days in isolation. Also, while in line to get a haircut, he exchanged words with another inmate and was then stabbed. After being brutally stabbed, he was sent to the prison hospital where they also found symtoms of syphilis.

His Final Days.

Shortly after Al was diagnosed with syphilis, he was sent to Terminal Island Prison, which is located in Southern California. It was decided that he would spend the rest of his time there. He arrived in 1938 and was released in 1939. Al died 8 years later in 1947 due to complications with syphilis including, a stroke, cardiac arrest, and the syphilis itself. Al died, but was never forgotten.
Mini Bio: Al Capone