The Mendel Project

The Foundation of Genetics

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Lifetime Locations


Mendel was a poor boy, and had to work hard to accomplish what he did. He was religious and very smart, but his work wasn't recognized until he passed away like several other scientists. He is was and is the very foundation of the house of genetics.

Early Years

Gregor Mendel lived on a poor farm. He got top marks in school and started to tutor so he could afford a better school. However, later on he couldn't pass the teaching exams several times! He went back to school, and came back to take the test again. However, nerves got the best of him and he left. He then became a monk at an Abbey that was known for good education.

Mendel's Experimental Design

Mendel quickly was intrigued by genetics. He needed a fast way to experiment with them, so he went to the Abbey's garden and started growing pea plants. He found out that if he breeds pea plants that have different traits, some traits "overpower" others. These are called dominant, recessive, and co-dominant traits.
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Mendel's data proved how parents can have a child with different traits then themselves. He found out some traits are dominant and "cover up" recessive traits. The recessive traits are, however, still in the the parents genetic code and can be passed on.

Science's Reaction to Brilliance

Scientists disregarded Mendel completely thinking what he proved was already known. The importance of his work wasn't found out until long after he published his work, and unfortunately passed away.
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Mendel took the first steps toward understanding genetics. He truly is the foundation for genetics everywhere.


Dominant Trait: A gene that will "overpower" another gene that codes for the same kind of trait. ( Ex. Brown eyes trait "covers up" blue eyes trait)

Recessive Trait: A gene that gets "covered up" by another gene that codes for the same kind of trait. ( Ex. Blue eyes get "covered up" by brown eyes)

Co-Dominant Trait: Gene that is neither dominant nor recessive. They both show up. ( Ex. Blood type, you can have AB instead of just A or B.)