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Fall pictures will be taken on Friday, October 4. These are the prepay pictures so if you want to order, you must send in the order form with payment by Friday, October 4. We are going with a new company this year and I am excited about the quality of the pictures.

Early release is October 11. Students will be dismissed at 12:10. Make sure you have arrangements for your children that day. If your child stays with the Y after school care, you will need to check with them to see if they are providing care that afternoon.

Storybook Character Day/Parade - We will have our storybook character parade on Friday, October 11 and we will start at 9:00 a.m.. Students are invited to dress up as their favorite storybook character. We will have a parade that day that will rotate around the school. Parents are welcome to attend the parade. We ask that costumes be child friendly, that no props be sent to school except the book for hem to carry. Masks may not be worn as they are scary to some of our younger students.

Monday, October 14 is a school holiday for staff and students.

Fall Family Night is scheduled for Thursday, October 17. We are excited about this great event. We work together with PTO to make it an enjoyable evening for all. There are academic activities, fun games, and the book fair. Come out and enjoy some fun!

Boosterthon Kick-Off is coming! Friday, October 25 we will have our Boosterthon Kick-Off! We look forward to this event every year as a fun time for our students and a great fundraiser for our PTO. We appreciate your support in helping your child raise money through this great, fun event!


Information has been sent home about ordering yearbooks. The current special is FREE icons if you place your order on or before October 25, 2019. The cost of the yearbook is $24.00. You can place your order at


We are asking parents for $5 gift cards that can be used as prizes for staff throughout the year. If you are willing to donate one or more, you can drop them off at the front office or send them in an envelope in your child's folder labeled Gift Cards.


We will be combining Parent Information Night with Fall Family Night this year due to the cancellation of our September 19 Parent Information Night.

One session will be offered for parents to attend and learn about the expectations for the year. The one session will be offered from 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. Fall Family Night will follow immediately from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. This will serve as our Title One Information meeting, too, so we look forward to seeing you all at this great event!


Below is a link to an online "parent suggestion box." These will be looked at every week or on an as needed basis. If you have anything you would like to compliment our school on or any specific concerns you think need to be addressed, please feel free to complete the form at the link. It is an anonymous form with an option for you to register your name. If you do not give a name or email address, you will not hear a follow up as we will not know who to contact. However, the concerns will be addressed in the appropriate committee meetings.


The Scholastic Book Fair coming October 10-18!

Visit our book fair website,, to find out how you can create an eWallet for your child, shop online, or become a book fair volunteer.

Book fair dates: October 10-18

Times: during school hours and

at the Fall Family Night on October 17


Hello all hope everyone has had a great start to a new year. Just a few reminders.

· Please encourage your child to eat breakfast every morning. A healthy breakfast fuels kids’ minds and bodies. It is essential that families kick-start their bodies every morning from their overnight fast. A balanced breakfast containing at least 3 of the food groups fuels the brain and body with energy, and gets your child ready for the day. A balanced breakfast includes two grains, one fruit, one serving of low-fat dairy and possibly a meat (protein).

· Vision and hearing assessments have already started. If your child does not pass the vision or hearing test, then a referral form will be sent home with the student. Please seek medical advice so that your child will have a successful year. Remember that this is only a general screening so if you or your teacher are concerned please seek medical attention for a thorough exam. Please let us know if you are in need of any assistance help is readily available.

· All medications must be checked in to the clinic by a parent. Students may not transport medications on the bus or bring it in themselves. This is for child safety. In the event that a child brings in medication, the parent will be called to either pick it up or sign it in. No medications will be administered without proper procedures.

· Please let us know if your child has been diagnosed with the Flu and type if you know it. We report weekly to the state from September to May.

· Finally, please go over good handwashing skills, hygiene and toileting skills with your child. There are always viruses around every little effort helps to keep them healthy. Pack extra clothing daily in their backpacks for the younger grade levels.


We've have seen several watch/tracking devices on students this year. While we understand the desire to ensure that children are safe at all times, the district has a strict policy that must be followed if your child wears one of these. Please see Board Procedure below if your child has one. If your child has a device and you need a parent deactivation agreement, please contact Tami Eldridge.

Student GPS/Tracking Devices GPS tracking devices (i.e., AngelSense, WeFind, here) are an emerging area of technology and certain parameters must be in place before such a device may be used in the school setting. Overall, such devices are permitted and allowed to be activated on district buses, campuses, and during school-sponsored activities, provided the following:

a. Any audio monitoring or sound recording capabilities must be disabled when the student is on the bus, at school or at a school-sponsored activity in order to protect the privacy rights of other students.

b. The district must receive written confirmation from the device company that the audio and/or recording capabilities have been disabled during the times and in the areas referenced in Item (a).

c. The campus and all staff who work with the student must be informed (1) that the device is in use, and (2) where it is located (backpack, student’s clothing, etc.), in order to help the district partner with the family to ensure the student’s safety.

d. If the familywishesto add districtstaff membersto the device’s network, allsuch requests must be presented in writing to the campus principal for approval. As a device utilized by the family, the district and its staff reserve the right to decline to be part of any network that would disrupt the staff member’s ability to serve other students or would be in use outside of the school day.

e. Because the family is responsible for training the student to use the device – if applicable to the specific device and the student’s abilities – the district must be informed of how the family intends for the device to be used (i.e., when the “SOS” or “alert” is to be triggered).

Conroe ISD is not responsible for the loss or damage to the device, nor is CISD responsible in any way for maintaining the device.

Should the device, or the use of the device by either parent or student, prove to be disruptive to the educational setting, or to the staff’s efforts to instruct and serve any student, or infringe on the privacy or confidentiality of other students, the district reserves the right to refuse the use of the device on the bus, on campus, or at any school-sponsored activities.

Conroe ISD recognizes that use of such devices can take time to master, and will work with the family and the student to optimize the utility of the device without infringing on the privacy or other rights of students or staff.


If you have any tips about safety and security that need to be reported to the CISD Police Department, they have two options to use are anonymous reporting tools. Please help us stay safe by reporting any concerns you might hear.
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Attendance Percentage for Year - 97.5%

Total Tardies for the Year - 150 unexcused tardies, 75 excused with a doctor's note for a total of

225 tardies this year.

Leave early data -


All of the different modes of transportation are getting better. Continue to be patient with buses and car rider as we work to make the process quicker and smoother.

CAR RIDERS - We are continuing to have several parents who park and walk their children to the doors in the mornings. If at all possible, we would like for you to join the car rider line and drop children off at the sidewalk. The constant stopping of traffic disrupts the flow of our line thus making the wait longer. We appreciate your support in this effort.



The student handbook can be accessed online at under the Parent/Student tab. Once you establish a Parent Access account, there is a place to electronically sign that you have reviewed the handbook. Please take time to create that account, if you have not already done so, and then sign electronically that you have reviewed the handbook. If you would like a paper copy of the handbook, please drop by the front office and notify us of that. We will be happy to get you a paper copy with a receipt form.


All communication from the school will be electronic this school year. In order to stay well informed, please ensure that the campus has your most current email address on file.


All SMS messages received from the Conroe ISD District Office and your child's campus will begin with "Conroe ISD:" and come from the subscribe code 67587. If you have not yet opted-in to receive SMS messages, you can do so at any time throughout the school year by texting "Y" to 67587.
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We have an amazing PTO. They are always looking for volunteers so please consider being a part of this organization that helps our school in so many ways. The cost per family is $5. They will be at Parent Information/Fall Family Night. Please stop by their table to join and volunteer!

More information can be found on their website at the link below:


Each year, in order to volunteer at ORE, parents and other family members must complete a volunteer application with the district. Please take time to complete that using the link below.



3 - Fourth grade to Sam Houston Museum

4 - Fall Pictures

11 - Early Release/Storybook Character Parade

14 - School holiday

17 - Fourth grade to Fine Arts day at Pavilion

17 - Parent Information Night/Family Fall Night - 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

18 - PTO Spirit Night @ Flips

25 - Boosterthon Kick-off - PTO Fundraiser


Just a reminder that Free/Reduced lunch status must be applied for yearly. The sooner you apply will hopefully ensure no interruption. You can apply online at the following link If you need assistance, Virginia Vera, PEIMS/registrar, will be happy to assist you.

Students who were on free/reduced last school year will continue on until September 27. If a new application hasn't been submitted and accepted, students will be required to pay full price starting October 1. In order to prevent interruption, please make sure you have submitted a new application this school year.