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What is Body Boxing?

Body boxing is a fun, new style of boxing that rewards competitors for hits to the body only. Blows to the head are not permitted in this sport, making it much safer than traditional boxing. The spirit of body boxing is ‘punching for sport’ as opposed to ‘punching to hurt’.

When sparring, body boxers are required to wear body armor that is designed to absorb blows giving maximum protection to the chest, kidneys and abdomen. Due to the recreational nature of combat in body boxing, participants can spar and even compete in a very short period of time.

Body boxing makes combat a safe and enjoyable experience and it is a great cardio exercise too.


Scarborough Body Boxing Tournament 2012
"Scarborough Body Boxing has been amazing for my son and my daughter. As a certified personal trainer my children's physical activity is extremely important to me. Body boxing has improved their physical health, mental well being and given them great discipline. I cannot wait until my youngest child is ready to enroll!" -Mariam F., PTS

"Being a single mom it's not easy to walk into a gym with two young boys (7 and 9 years) in the hopes they'll be in a safe atmosphere that promotes more than just boxing techniques. My sons have been attending classes for the past six months, apart from the fact that they've both discovered what appears to be a 'passion' of theirs, they also now have two life mentors (Coach Daron-Abdullah and Coach Raza) by which their confidence is slowly increasing. Their physical body, believe it or not, is getting stronger in these few months, and most importantly they're learning to tap into their potential through the encouragement of discipline, patience, manners, better eating habits etc. I strongly encourage all parents to give their children the opportunity to build positivity within themselves; I say this sincerely, Scarborough Body Boxing is an ideal place for that to happen - I see it myself, which makes it worth the traffic and the 25 minute drive!!"
---Shireen Patel (Whitby, ON)

Our Mission

  • To help youth develop a positive mind set: confidence, assertiveness, respect and discipline (C.A.R.D) and to take these important success attributes with them into their daily lives outside our gym such as in school, at home etc.
  • To help youth develop a great skill set: boxing techniques, self defense and conditioning. We train them to be champions, not fighters.
  • To encourage and advise youth to eat and live healthy.
We have developed a unique gradation system to help us achieve our mission which consists of 5 Glove levels and can be completed in 12 months with punctual attendance and dedication.

5 Glove Levels:

1) Iron Glove
2) Copper Glove
3) Silver Glove
4) Gold Glove
5) Platinum Glove


"I was looking for a fun, interactive, physical activity that my son could take part in and found that at Scarborough Body Boxing. Coach Daron (Abdullah) and Coach Raza have an amazing program in place; they consider the whole athlete both physically and social-emotionally. Not only has my son progressed with his boxing skills but he has developed self-discipline, learned to goal set, and made more friends. What a rewarding opportunity for children!"
--Niki Ladas