By: Jaci & Yeira

Trash In The Ocean

It is important to know about Marine Dumpings, because 70% of the Earth is filled with water. If the water has trash in it the water will not be drinkable. As said in the article," Causes and Effects of Ocean Dumpings", it states," The factor of indispensability has not only helped us tremendously but has also led to us exploiting the oceanic resources without any second thoughts."

Impacts of Marine Dumpings

  • oceanic creatures and birds can consume the trash and choke/die
  • discharge of chemicals will soak up the oxygen which marks the depletion of oxygen to oceanic creatures
  • there will be more dead zones
  • animals on land such as bears will not get food because the fish will die from all the trash consumed

How is the pollution impacting people/communities?

This affects people/communities because if people dump trash in the ocean/water we will not have enough water to drink. If we do not have drinkable water we will not be able to survive for long. This also affects marine life. This is happening in most of the pacific ocean.


  • we could build cages in dead seas and store the trash there
  • thinking about what the causes will be before you throw it in the ocean

Marine Dumpings In The Ocean