The Temperate Forest

Climate of the Temperate Forest

The temperate forest is a place with high levels of humidity, and precipitation. The average annual rainfall the temperate forest receives is roughly around 20-60 inches. The temperate forest receives a lot of rain yearly, but how much is quite often unpredictable.

The average temperature is about 54 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can range from lows of -22 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to highs of 86 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

The Temperate Forests Wildlife

There is an abundance of plants and animals in the Temperate Forest. Some of the more commonly know ones would be the mighty oaks, and the lone Tigers, but there's tons of other creatures as well. For plants there's Maple Trees, Redbuds, Huckleberries, Blue Bead Lilys, and mosses. For animals we have rabbits, bears, fox, wolves, birds, humming birds, and a verity of insects.