Northern America Project

by Joshua Barton

Los Angles, California

Los Angles California is one of the most iconic U.S cities on the west coast. It is known for its beautiful palm tree's, sandy beaches and boardwalks along the coastline. Some demographics of the city is that it has 3.858 million people as of 2012. That's more than the population of NH all in one city. The crime rate of the city is pretty high, for every 1000 people there are 28 crimes a year. That's 108,024 crimes every year for all 4 million people. That's a lot of crime. The major issue of this city is drug trafficking and gang affiliations. A way to solve this to make it a nicer place to live is either have more law enforcement or better security for homes and stores so the criminals that are doing this will be caught. The major sports or most popular sports are Soccer at number one, Baseball at two, Volleyball at three and Tennis at four. These are the favorites of this city because it is so far south and it is a very warm climate. The city is a two season city or it really only has summer and spring year round. Spanish is the main language of the region because of that fact that it is so close to the border of Mexico and U.S and there are many immigrants that live in the are because of that. The main religion of the city is Christianity (Catholic). Around 38% of the people that are religious in LA are Catholic. Popular things that people do in this area is go to the beach and play beach sports like volleyball or bad mitten. Also they like to walk along the amazing boardwalks that surround the beaches. Another it is recognized by is the Hollywood sign that you can see from the city streets (shown below).


Derry, NH is one of the most beautiful places you will ever go it has all four seasons so you can do everything from skiing to surfing. The temperature can go from -10-95 degrees throughout the whole year. Many tourist come from the south to see the beautiful changing of the colors of the leaves and the amazing skiing and snowboarding in the winter months on the White Mountains. The most popular sports in the area are skiing and snowboarding in the winter and football and baseball in the summer. NASCAR and motorsports are also very popular throughout the state. English is the main language unlike LA where it is Spanish. Catholic is the most studied religion in the town. The population of the town is 33,223 as of 2012. The crime rate of Derry is 25 crimes out of a 1000 people every year that is around 765 crimes per year. Derry is known for its old downtown area in the middle of the town.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada is one the most diverse cities in the world. There are 2.503 million people in this city and 30% are White, 26% Black, 21% Asian, 16% Latino or Hispanic, and 7% of other ethnicities. Christianity or catholic is the most practiced religion in Toronto just like in LA and Derry. The main language of the city is English just like Derry also. Per a 100,000 people there are 3,131 crimes a year. That's 78,369 crimes a year. Very low compared to LA. In Canada that is the lowest its ever been in a metropolitan area since 1972. The most popular sports of this city are Hockey (which makes sense because it is the national sport of Canada) and Lacrosse for when it is spring or summer and hockey is out of season. The climate is very cold around this region because it is so far north and it is right up against the great lakes. Toronto has the same whether as Derry they just get more snow because of the lake effect snow which is where the weather systems pick up the moisture from the lakes creating more snow. Toronto is known for the Hockey Hall of Fame, its snow, and most of all the CN Tower the tallest building in the city (shown in the picture below).

Why is This Important?

This is important because I am explaining where I want to live. I want to stay in Derry because it has the least amount of crimes and way less people so there would not be much traffic. LA sounds bad because of all the gangs in the town and until they fix that I wouldn't want to live there. Toronto is nice but there is too much snow from the lakes that I couldn't handle. So Derry is perfect for me because it has all four seasons so I have many things to do and it is safe when you look at the crime rates. So overall Derry is the ideal place to live in the future.