Walking and Talking

What's happening Week #13 at CC T&C?


Welcome back! I pray everyone enjoyed their break and is blessed in the new year.

“And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.” Psalm 40:3 (AKJV)

“[Classical, Christian education] is a journey we are all on, and there are reasons to be glad you will be making this journey with your children and not ahead of them. This sort of education is a process of discovery, a discovery of the self and of all things visible and invisible. The resources for that discovery are all around us, not just in great books, although these are the touchstones for an education of discovery by showing how the best minds have made these discoveries for themselves and shared them with us.”
—David Hicks, The Mind is a Fire

Foundations to Challenge Connection

The classical model of education is based on the Trivium (Latin for “three roads”), which divides learning into three stages:
• Grammar: basic facts, vocabulary, and rules
• Dialectic: assimilating facts, reasoning, analysis, processing new concepts
• Rhetoric: presenting articulately, persuasively & logically to influence others (that we may make Him known!)

Reminder: Grammar corresponds to Foundations; dialectic to Essentials & Challenge A & B; rhetoric to Challenge I–IV. Note that there are aspects of the dialectic and rhetoric in Foundations (scientific experiments & presentations, for example), and also new grammar in Challenge. It is a continual process. As we use the classical tools of learning well, we also uncover how each subject has been designed by God, relates to other subjects, and points us back to Him. Thus, studying becomes not a dry academic exercise but a treasure hunt that leads us to knowledge of God. Our natural responses are to pour forth praise or to pour forth acts of service.


Our Presenting Family is The Moyers.

Sarah Mourreale will be tutoring for Jen Harris this semester as the Harris family explores another school setting for their children. Please pray for both of these families in their new roles.

As we study 6 great artists this quarter, remember to wear "paint friendly" clothing each week.

Please pack up lunches in the gym by 12:50 so the clean-up crew has time to sweep the floor before Essentials class begins at 1:00.

Mary Bryant, former CC tutor, parent, and songwriter, has made copies of her Exodus song available for $1.29 on this website: https://www.oronjo.com/p/kjjpdtAvcfMgtvYbm


Calling all actors and actresses! Part of our Opening Assembly time in the 3rd quarter (beginning in January) will be spent introducing the Great Artist of the week. I am looking for responsible and animated students to assist me in 5 minute skits about each artist, both in writing the skits and performing them. Let me know if you and/or your child/children are interested.

Volunteer Schedule

What will we be learning this week?

Presentation, Science, and Fine Arts

Presentation: Show-n-Tell or Academic
The suggested topic for Weeks 13-15 is Fine Arts.

Teach us how to play a song on the tin whistle.

Analyze the OiLS of a drawing you like.

Research a famous artist and present the information.

Our Science experiments involve Earth Science. Why do we have seasons? What happens to the ground as the weather changes?

The Fine Arts lesson is Great Artists - Our artist this week is Giotto.