A Professional Expectations Guide for Educators

Code of Conduct

Students in the University of Phoenix's College of Education are required to follow the University's Code of Conduct. P-12 Candidates are expected to adhere to all ethical codes and standards while representing the University. Failure to abide by the codes could lead to a referral , suspension or even being withdrawn from the program.


A system to help students remember the Professional Expectations found in the Teacher Education Handbook is C.L.A.SS. This system gives a guided explanation to the Professional Expectations of the College of Education.
Communication- Each candidate is expected to display a mastery of verbal and written communication. The candidate should be able to explain and express ideas and respect those of others. Each candidate is expected to give and receive feedback, along with reflection. The effective candidate should be able to listen to others and respond thoughtfully.

Life Long Learner- The candidate is expected to be committed to learning and reflection. Each candidate should be capable to think critically and problem solve. They should believe each student can learn ,and continue to understand new concepts in the field of education.

Attitude- The candidate should always have a positive attitude. The candidate should be available for help if needed by others in the program and accepting of help if needed. Each candidate should have respect and appreciate for other cultures and beliefs.

Supplemental Standards- Candidate should always uphold the highest ethical standards. The candidate should use ethical judgment and exhibint a high level of professionalism when engaging with students, faculty and staff. Candidates must take responsibility for their behaviors and actions.