Rick Hansen

By: Meryam K

What Was The Person Involved in That Made Them a Leader?

Rick Hansen was a paralympian who was won countless medals for Canada. When he was 15 he was involved in a truck accident and and he had a spinal cord injury which made him paralyzed from the waist down. He has most famous for his "Man in Motion World Tour"

Following Terry Fox's "Marathon of Hope" as he wanted to run across Canada to raise awareness for cancer research. Rick Hansen felt the urge to do the same for people with disabilities, but unlike Terry, his plan was to go around the world.

He began his well renowned journey on March 21st 1985 from Vancouver and he travelled over 40,000 kms through 34 countries on four continents before reaching Canada. He returned back to Canada on May 22nd 1987 after the course of 26 months and raised over $26 million for spinal cord research.

What Actions Did the Individual Take to Show Leadership?

Rick Hansen was a brave man who stood up for people who had the same disabilities as him because he wanted the people around the world to know that just because you are in a wheelchair, doesn't mean you can't achieve what you dream about.

It took a lot of courage for someone who went through so much at such an early stage of his life to do something that a lot of people around the world are dealing with. He knew that what he felt during his life, other people also felt the same and he wanted to do something about it, and hence he founded the "Man in Motion World Tour".

Which three leaderships did they apply?

The first leadership Rick Hansen applied was " Courage is not the absence of fear- it's inspiring others to move beyond it." Rick Hansen helped others with disabilities like him, he though he was afraid to do things after his injury, he showed others not be afraid and inspired others to not appear afraid by showing his courage. The second leadership he applied was "Appearances matter- and remember to smile." Even though Rick Hansen knew he had a tough life ahead of him after the injury, he never gave up, he would always have a smile on his face because he knew it would affect the way others see him. He inspired others by staying positive even at the very rough times. The last leadership that he applied was "Lead from the front- but don't leave your base behind." Rick Hansen inspired many people but he always knew what got him there as he was very humble.
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