Grade 6 Extended Newsletter

Week 6, Monday 9th - Friday 13th May

St. Joseph's Institution International Elementary School

Virtue of the week - FLEXIBILITY

The week in review

End of topic tests, Founders Day celebrations and an early finish on Friday made this week extremely action packed! This was a week where the children excelled in their learning, developed new skills and broadened their knowledge and understanding in many aspects of the curriculum. The children showed enthusiasm and diligence as they debated and discussed statements in Geography lessons. In Language Arts we traced the journey of an emigrant to the land of freedom, writing about each struggle they faced and the hopes they carried along journey.

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A Week of Excellence

A true week of Excellence! We rubbed shoulders with an Olympian and had the privilege of an international author and Bloomberg journalist joining us in class! On Wednesday we were inspired by a talk from Olympian Heem Wei Lim. She took us on her personal journey, the road less traveled, in her pursuit of excellence. Also, Nisid Hajari, author of 'Midnight Furies', winner of the Colby Award and voted one of the best books of the Year by Amazon visited us. Nisid shared his own migration story and provided an excellent insight into the biggest mass migration the world has ever seen. After the partition of India in 1947 14 million migrated to new lands as new borders were created in the aftermath of British withdrawal. It was a fascinating morning of new learning. Both guest captivated and inspired us with their words. Thank you from Grade 6 Extended!

Language Arts

This week we used the work and word banks created last week to help as we began our writing phase. In lessons, we visited 6 different moments along an emigrants journey to the land of the free. While doing this we shared ideas for each picture, created mesmerizing sentences and exciting vocabulary to enrich our writing. With each day the children worked with commitment and dedication, always striving to reach their full potential. The classrooms were buzzing with the thoughts of young writers. Their creative flair grows daily. This is a small taster of the types of sentences that the children created, in pairs.

"With sunken eyes and a heavy heart Jessie stepped on board the ship, heading to an unknown land."

"Sitting, clutching her life possessions, her mind was a whirlwind as she tried to comprehend the scenarios unfolding in front of her eyes"

After sharing some initial sentences for the 6 moments the children then wrote about their two favourite events! In these descriptions they displayed excellence and confidence as writers.


Fun with Angles

Solving unknown angles got more and more exciting this week! Children travelled to different countries, completing their mission – finding the measurement of the unknown angles. Enthusiasm and purposefulness was observed in the children as they tried their very best to complete the mission. Congratulations to the children who completed their journey to Asia!

End of Year Review

The children will be having their end of year review on the 7th and 9th of June.

-7th June: Paper 1 – Calculators are not allowed.

-9th June: Paper 2 – Calculators are allowed.

Topics tested:

Whole numbers (Order of operation & Average), Algebra, Fraction, Percentage, Ratio, Speed, Volume, Triangles and four-sided figures, Circle and Pie Chart.

IPC - Geography

Geography lessons sparked lots of discussions and debating this week when we presented the children with the following statement:

“Disaster displacement represents one of the biggest humanitarian challenges of the 21st century”

The children thoroughly enjoyed voicing their opinions and listened carefully to their peers during our speaking and listening sessions. It was refreshing to listen to the children share so much knowledge about natural disasters and how they empathised with those that suffered during such hard times. There was a real sense in International Mindedness in the classrooms.

Later in the week we developed our research skills using a variety of resources to map major natural disasters and recorded the displacement numbers. We carried out a case study for two of these events looking at the impact on the people then and now. Once again, the children showed empathy towards all those affected by natural disasters.

Examples of Natural Disasters that we discussed in class

Sports Day, Wed 18 May 2016 Transport Arrangements

Parents attending Sports Day have the option to take their child directly to the Stadium and/or take their child home at the end of the event. Please register here for if you will be doing so.

Dates for your Diary

Grade 4 - 6 Sports Day at Clementi - Wednesday, May 18th from 8.30 am

Choicez Media Puberty Program (in class for Grade 6 students) - Tuesday May 24th, 31st and June 7th from 8.20 - 9.20 am

Cinema Under the Stars - Friday, May 20th

Grade 6 End of Year Mathematics Test - Thursday, June 9th

Grade 6 Migration Exit Point - Wednesday, June 15th

End of School Year - Friday, June 17th at 12.20pm

Home Learning

All Home Learning can now be found on VLE. Please ensure your child checks it regularly.

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