By James Frey


Endgame is a sci-fi book about 12 teenagers that have been trained from birth to kill and solve puzzles.They have been trained with guns, knives, hand to hand combat, boomerangs, making bombs, and even crossbows. Then the day came when meteors hit and these kids had to put their training to work.


I have read this book and I can say this is one of the best books I have read. As the 12 Players compete they have to travel the world to find clues while also trying to kill the other players. This book will definitely take up your time because you will never be able to put the book down until you figure out who wins.


Getting this book will get you and all the people you know hooked on it. You can talk with your friends to figure out which character you relate most to. You will see as these kids hunt each other down with a large arsenal of weapons. My favorite part is the fist time when the players all meet each other for the first time.

Who will survive?