Carbon Footprint

Make a change for your environment

Ecological Footprint

What is it? It's your impact on the enviroment

Factors that Effect it

5 Factors that affetc your ecological footprint.

  1. How many people live in your household.
  2. Food & Diet
  3. Driving/Flying
  4. Recycling
  5. Energy Used

The USA has a higher average than the World Average.

The greatest factors that effect my household is energy use and miles driven throughout the year.

Activities that you can do to decrease your carbon footprint!

  • Efficient light bulbs ( CFL's)
  • Car pool
  • Unplug devices


  • CFLS : They are efficient

  • Car pool: less emission gases

  • Unplugging unused devices: less energy use and energy bill lowers.


  • CFLS: Cost more; expensive

  • Car pooling: Could be crowded

  • Unplug devices : Having to remember to unplug the devices.
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Short & Long term effects

Short term ;

  • spending less money once in affect.

Long term ;

  • Less CO2 emissions released into the environment

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