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I am near the one year anniversary as pastor here at St. Thomas. The time seems to go faster than I would like.

Sandra and I have been blessed by the response to our ministry here and we want to thank you all for making that possible.

A new marriage and new Church, a bit of a stretch, but the prayers and support of the Church family has brought us together as well.

I have learned from the congregation as well. Many of you are strong and independent. You love the Liturgy very much and you are understanding when the celebrant fumbles. I have the feeling that we are becoming closer to each other as we worship, and you don't know how that blesses a priest. My wife and I covet your prayers as we enter into another year. "THANKS"


Fr. C and Sandra

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Gods' blessings to you for the month of February. I begin with good news. The Diocese has told us that our website is the best of the small churches in the diocese, and our office manager, Kim, has been invited to the rural church meeting in February.

We have signed on to participate in Scarbourough Faire. Classes for the event are every Sat. at 10:00 am in the Parish hall.

Depending on when you read the newsletter, the Annual Meeting is on or was on Feb. 3 with the election of a new member.

The weekend of the 8th and 9th your vestry will be on retreat at old St. Pauls' in Waxahachie with Fr. Jerry Morris leading us.

We are grateful for the work of Susan Cooks she finished her vestry term and grateful for her too for her teaching in Sunday School. If you want to find her during the week she will be at Wendys' which she manages.

We have begun a Bible Study on the book of Acts, and it is not too late to join. It meets in various homes and is a ten week study. It stretches into Lent so it might be part of your rule.

Thanks goes to our small but faithful choir which meets on Wednesday to practice, for Sunday. If you like to sing Kathy would be glad to play for you.

We are sad that Kathleen Pratt is moving away but we know she will be well taken care of.

We welcome some new readers on Sunday --Jerry Glaspy and Jim Benton. Maybe it takes two to replace Kathleen.

I am sure that I may have missed something but my thanks to all of you loyal members for your faithfulness.



Bless Someone Today

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Feast of the Epiphany 2019

Feast of the Epiphany, 2019

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings in Christ. This pastoral letter is the bookend for the recent period of reflection on B012. Please make it available to your parishioners this Epiphanytide.

Who are we as the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas?

Every Sunday we stand together in Church and say, 'We believe in the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church'.

When we say this, we are affirming that we are 'Communion Christians', koinonia believers. We define ourselves by whom we are together with.

- together by grace and adoption with the eternal life of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, known through God's Word.

- together with the apostolic inheritance of the faith, as symbolized by the bishop.

- together with the Anglican Communion throughout the world.

- together with fellow Episcopalians in patience, charity, and humility.

- together at the altar as a 'priestly nation' through the gift of Prayer Book spirituality.

- together in hope and baptism with fellow Christians of all denominations.

- together with the generation to come as witnesses and teachers.

- together in solidarity and the divine image with all races and nations, especially as we serve the suffering and vulnerable.

- together in care and groaning with all of God's fellow creatures.

- together with that far wider communion, with saints and angels, with loved ones now on that further shore, with that innumerable throng, with whom we too shall stand in glory.

God's call to me'. Our togetherness with the apostles is symbolized by the bishop; our togetherness at the altar by the priest; our togetherness with this suffering world by the deacon. But these are gospel truths that pertain to all of us joined with one another and with Christ as the Body.

Questions naturally occur to us. Why are so many of our statements of relational identify not unique to us? Because nothing is more Anglican than leading with 'mere Christianity' (C.S. Lewis). But isn't much of this observed in the breach? Yes indeed, for the Church is a broken pot whose glory is not in itself but in the treasure it contains (II Corinthians 4:7). At our best, we are most ourselves reaching out beyond ourselves to different cultures in mission, to sibling Churches, to those who still yearn for God, to creation. But doesn't a self-understanding based on togetherness make us depend on others? Indeed, for such is the life of forgiven, mortal, social creatures such as we are.


The Rt. Rev. George R. Sumner Bishop, Diocese of Dallas


DIRECTORY will be printed this week, this is your last opportunity to make your changes.

Our little choir will be practicing on Wed. evenings at 7:00. No experience necessary.

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The convention began with Holy Eucharist, with hymns and prayers in English, Farsi, Swahili, and Spanish, highlighting the internaional nature of the Anglican Church. The homily, Truth and Love, was given by Ven Steven Seah, Archdeacon of the Anglican Church of Cambodia. He said that we are filling the church with something other than Christ; people are coming for gifts, but they must receive truth. The church must be in the public square with truth, not what’s popular. Some are building wide but not deep, bringing many converts but few disciples. We must not be always right, but always faithful.

In his address, Bishop Sumner echoed this theme,”Speak the Truth in Love,” reminding us that the teaching of the Anglican Church has always been that marriage is between a man and a women, but that we must get along with churches in our diocese that think otherwise. At National Convention last summer in Austen, a resolution was passed to allow churches in dioceses whose bishops do not allow same-sex marriages (of which there are 12 in the U.S.) to be under the spiritual supervision of another diocese that does. Thus, three churches in the diocese, St. Thomas the Apostle, Transfiguration, and Ascension are under alternative spiritual supervision.

In other news around the diocese…

There has been collaboration between parishes, such as the Thanksgiving Eve service at Good Samaritan Dallas in collaboration with St. James.

Good Shepherd and Our Savior participate in a farm-church organization through which they have grown and donated 40 tons of food since ’03.

The budget for new church plants and clergy development is up 10%. There are 10 new deacons and 4 new priests in the diocese. A request has been made to create an assistant bishop position. Several parishes have been dissolved as per request.

The diocese has 18 chapters of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, a mens’ ministry of service, prayer, study, and worship.

Two resolutions were passed, making a two-thirds majority necessary to change the consitution and canons of the diocese. A resolution was defeated that would have required all churches to have a compilation done by a CPA, saving small churches like ours some money.

The representatives elected to standing committee and executive council are all conservatives.

The Episcopal and Methodist Churches held ecumenical meetings this past year to seek common ground and promote better understanding between the two.

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Brass Rubbing

Our Brass Rubbing classes have begun. They are every Saturday at 10am. Everyone is welcome to come learn this long lost art.

We will have a booth at Scarborough Faire. It will be the first 4 weeks in April and we are in need of volunteers to work the booth.

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We pray for those who are ill and those seeking the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit:

Ervin, Mack, Rick, Alex, Kathleen, Nate, & Family, Berterad, Cassie, Mara, Lawrence, Susan, Kim, Audrey, Leslie, Jordand, Coleta and Norma.

We pray for those who are fighting cancer and long term illnesses:

Jennifer, Destri, Nanzea, Tomas, Birgit, Sally, Jim, Rafael, Roger, Less, Jesse and all Hospice Patients with their families.

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You can Click Here or on the Link Above and see the whole year online!

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Please let me know if a link is broken, or if you'd like to see more/other information.

I am looking for input on how this is going for you all! Please any input is appreciated as we make this transition from paper to electronic newsletters.

Copies of the newsletter can be found on the table outside the green room.

Thank you,


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