The Long Haul

By: Jeff Kinney

The Long Haul

Published : November 4, 2014

Publisher : Amulet Books

ISBN: 9788869660337

Genre : Comedy

Grades: 6 & up


Kids Choice Award For Favorite Book

Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award


The Long Haul

Review 1

Summer break is a time for relaxing, but Greg Heffley’s summer is about to get a lot less fun. When his mother decides family time means a family trip with no destination (and no electronics!), even Greg realizes that this is a bad idea. Loading up the car, Greg, his mother and father, his brother Rodrick, and his little brother Manny hit the road with the destination of…ADVENTURE!!!! Be it a doomed trip to the beach with an angry gull, a county fair with a piglet as a prize, or the mysterious Beardo family that seems to be following their every footstep, Greg’s just hoping he makes it home in one piece.

Review 2

I read the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book shortly after it was released and enjoyed it immensely as an adult. Kinney’s stories within the book definitely echo some true events and Greg’s attitude toward them is very real as a kid. While some entries in this book play down Greg’s age, this volume does keep with Greg’s appropriate age but the story is sometimes less compelling and more surreal than some of the entries.
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Additional Analysis

  • Here it shows Greg Heffley and his family get confronted by a seagull and they start to panic.

Personal Review

Personally I think that Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul is a great book to read because it's an easy read and the book will give you some laughs and giggles so I would recommend you to go read this book.

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