Rome V.S. The U.S

Roman Punshisment

The romans had many ways of dealing with people who didn't follow the law. They could of been killed right away, or become entertainment for others.

U.S. Punshisment

In amercia we have are own ways of punshing people. Some sambles are life in prison, to just some jail time. Most of them inculde being taken away for life
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Roman rights

Not all people had rights. Those people include women, and slaves. On the better side of things women had the same rights as her married husband. Slaves where stuck with no rights or litte.

U.S. Rights

The U.S rights belong to anyone who lives here and becomes a U.S. is allowed to own land and have rights. Women here in the U.S. do have rights.
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Death in Rome

The killed in very crual ways, form being put in the colsim to just being hung.

Death in U.S

Some here isnt common here to do by law. That isnt true because they are police brutalies
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