Green Pitcher Plant



The green pitcher plant is a carnivorous plant with highly modified leaves in the form of pitchers that act as pitfall traps for prey. The pitcher ranges from 8-30 inches tall and has purple veins. This plant can be found in Georgia. Another name for this plant is the Sarracenia oreophila.

Why is it Endangered/ Ways to prevent endangerment

The green pitcher plant is endangered due to habitat loss, encroachment by competing plants, and over-collecting of live plants.

Plant your own green pitcher plant. Reduce how much of its habitat is cut down. The Fish and Wildlife Service is working with private landowners, the National Park Service, DeSoto State Park in Alabama, The Nature Conservancy, and state heritage programs to recover this species.

Fun Facts

The green pitcher plant is found mainly in seepage bogs where there are heavy, clay-rich, sandy soils. It appears to be particularly successful in open, sunny locations where there is little competition
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