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A YouTuber is a person or a group of people who produce their own content on the social media website "YouTube". It can be entertaining, educational, and informing. Some offer technical support depending on the type of YouTuber. People can leave feedback in the "Comments" section on the different videos.
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Education and Training

You have to be educated in working with computers. You also need training with computers, different editing software's, and you need to know how to use a camera.

Different Computer Science Skills

In order to become a YouTuber, you need to know different types of Computer Science skills, such as:
- Computer repairing
- Using different software's
- Coding
- Programming
- Computer slang

Work Environment

Most people edit videos from home. However, people can also film videos basically anywhere.

Salary Range

If you are partnered with YouTube, you can add on advertisements to your videos. For every add that is viewed, the YouTuber earns .7 cents. If you are a big YouTuber who gets a lot of views, the more money you make per video. The average price range is anywhere from $100,000 - $1,000,000. Some YouTubers do make over $1,000,000.

Trends In Current Job Market

There are more YouTubers joining YouTube and becoming partnered now than ever before. Part of this is due to fellow YouTubers to inspire new each other. YouTubers also do collaboration videos with others so that they can promote each other to their different viewers. It is easy (and free!) to sign up and become a YouTuber, but after that there is a lot of hard work involved, so you have to be committed (Link to sign up page below).