The Lighting Thief

connecting mythology to my book

Archetypal hero Traits

Percy has tons of traits of a archetypal hero. He goes on quests with his friends Annabeth And Grover. His parents are a god and a human from Earth that is not a god. He has his ballpiont pen that turns into asword when it uncaps as his special weapon.

plot events

Mr. Brunner turns out to be a minotaur.Half hosre, half man

some characters


Plot of my book

My book is about Percy Jackson's life as a demi god and his adventures as a whole. It's also about 3 friends Percy, Grover, and Annabeth going on a quest to find Zeus' stolen property; his master bolt. Percy's main reason to go on the quest is to get his mother ot from the underworld.

Other stuff about my book

It kept me on edge. I liked the storyline. It's written in Percy's point of view.

Best Book ever