James Madison

The fourth president of the United States of America

Basic Presidential Information

Term: 2 terms 1809-1817

Party: Democratic-Republican Party

Vice President: Elbridge Gerry, George Clinton

Election Opponents: Charles C. Pickney, George Clinton, DeWitt Clinton

America At This Time

*Revising constitution

*War of 1812

*Bad foreign affairs with France and Britain

Key People of the Presidency

- James Monroe: Secretary of State/ Secretary of War

- Andrew Jackson: War general, won battle of New Orleans

- Thomas Jefferson: Wrote Mississippi Compromise

- War Hawks: Henry Clay, John Calhoun; pressed for more military policy

"The advice nearest to any heart and my deepest in my convictions is that the union that the states be cherished and perpetuated."

Economic Policies

*Vetoed the second charter of the 1st national bank, he did not believe in federal banking

*After War started chartered 2nd bank of the United States

Foreign Policies

*Recently resumed trade with foreign world

*Continued embargo on France and Britain

*Treaty of Ghent

Domestic Policies

*Market Economy emerged (factory employment rises)

*John Marshal over rules state legislation in Fletcher v. Peck

*Louisiana admitted as 18th state in the nation