Room 9 News

We are Beautiful!

Cooperation and a Love for One Another

We have really been thinking about our relationships with others and how we are going to think of our friends as 'birds.' We are going to let them fly free to be with who they would like to, without question. We are going to feel confident that if the friendship is so great... it will exist. Our friends will 'fly' away for the day to be and experience others and their likenesses, and they will be back to spend quality time with us when they are ready. :)

We have been having some difficulty letting go of who we feel is our only friend. We focused on it last week during Language Arts and made a Poppet to show all the groups we are a part of, and a bunch of other subtle messages in class. We also had Mrs. Noble, our guidance counselor, talk with us about being friends with many people and allowing relationships to naturally happen.

Monthly Pictures

Our Room Moms are going to take monthly photos of the our class. They are going to place these into the kids' Memory Books. I LOVE this idea and their devotion to this monthly commitment. The kids are going to see how much they have grown throughout the year and they will see how we are united all year round. The 1st picture will be taken this Friday, October 2nd before Music Class. No special attire-- your kids always looks so sweet. :)

Homework- Read and Respond!

Parents, thank you, thank you for all of your effort in making sure your child does their nightly reading and responding. I LOVE to share all of their beautiful thoughts and the way they are following directions for their little writing prompts. In case you have not noticed, I am asking the kids to provide a certain number of reasons for what they are thinking. They are doing a great job at this!

If they did not do this last night, please go over it with them and remind them to make up what they need to. They earn auction money, special privileges for doing their homework, attend Friday Fun, and of course... above all else... feel good about themselves as responsible 2nd Graders!!

Please know that the kids have VERY limited homework and hopefully this free feeling of just reading and responding is a lot easier to handle than packets, etc.

If they feel that homework does not have a purpose and does not need to be completed by them and checked by you, they still need to understand the component of a triad of support by you, me, and the child. The existence of an expectation at any age is a good thing. Thank you for your continued support!


If you have signed up for Reading groups, I would like for you to e-mail me and let me know what you would be comfortable with doing. Cyndi Kouns, my wonderful aide and friend, see your kids throughout the week. We do have a need for above level kids in reading.


There are kids going to Mrs. McGee, our reading specialist, attending groups with us during the week, and attending the Read Naturally Lab starting Monday, October 5th. You received a letter today if your child is attending. So, if you signed up for reading groups, I would like to ask who would like to be placed in the following areas.

* Higher leveled reading group (group of 4 kids) - (Possibly Tuesdays)

* Fluency support- (Tuesday or Wednesday)

* Independent Practice Support-Monitor and help the kids who needs extra assistance on Morning Practice. Tues.-Thursday. Anytime from 11:10-12:00.

* Fine Motor Lab (Wednesdays from 11:45-12:15.) Work with kids who need extra assistance with developing fine motor skills. I would like to have at least 2 parents shown how to work this lab.


We are not going to conduct math volunteer time for now. I have my higher kids doing accelerated work and will be working with partners for their next project.

I will let you know if this need changes.

Thank you so much!!

Completed Work

Math: I sent home the last 2 weeks of math from Eureka Math. Please take a look and see what strategies they are using and when. The more they are exposed to, the better apt they are to take on tougher math. :) We share how we get to the answer a lot, and it is helpful for kids to see that there is more than 1 way to get to the answer.

Spelling: The kids brought their test home from last Friday. They did a fabulous job studying and learning the spelling pattern. Thank you for your support!