The Carleton Chronicle

A weekly update from your principal, Mr. Kausch.


Over the past few days I, like many of our students, have been participating and learning about "Number Talks." Number talks are an instructional strategy that allow students to perform mental math. They are given a problem or a series of objects (like dots organized on a page), are given time to study the problem, solve it mentally, and then share out their answer and rationale for how they solved it. Many students are able to provide multiple ways of solving the problem.

Here's a simple example; students might be shown the problem 42+23. Students would raise their thumb when they think they've arrived at the answer, and could even raise a finger for each strategy that they can use to arrive at the answer. Students are called on and are asked to provide their answer and to explain their mental math. One student might say they added 3+2 and got 5 and then added 4+2 and got 6 for a final answer of 65. However, someone else might say they subtracted 2 from 42 and added it to 23 for a problem of 40+25. Although they performed the mental math in a different way, their overall answer would still be 65. As you can see, as the problems become more complex and involve multiple steps, it really provides insight to the many ways problems can be solved.

I challenge you this week to partake in a number talk or two with your child. It will encourage creativity in problem solving and allow students to exercise their brain!

Thank you!

Thank you for helping us have a successful Count Day on October 5th. As many of you know, this is how we obtain funding for our students throughout the year. Every student was verified in our attendance system thanks to the great work of our office team. If you get a chance to thank Joyce Frankowski, Christina Krzeminski, and Janet Twardecki, please do so! They are the reason our school runs so effectively and efficiently.

We also celebrated Custodial Appreciation Day this week. I want to take a moment to thank Rick Waters and Beckie Gohsman for providing our students and staff with such a clean building in which to learn and work. Thank you for all you do!

Clark's Corner of the Parking Lot


As with many schools, concerns about the parking lot have been brought to our attention here at Carleton. We will be making a concerted effort to be visible and help with the flow of traffic during student pick-up and drop-off. Based on our observations here are a few recommendations to help make Carleton's parking lot a safe and efficient environment.

1. Please stay in your car so that you are able to pull your car all the way forward. This avoids backups onto 15 Mile Road and allows our busses to enter the bus loop.

2. Our back doors are open for students to enter along with the front, if you pull all the way up to the second student drop-off sign they will have a short walk to the back of the building.

3. Have your son or daughter ready to get out of the car when it comes to a stop. Students collecting their belongings when being dropped off cause a significant backup.

4. Please be aware of students darting in between vehicles as you are driving through the parking lot.

5. As parents, we are constantly modeling and setting the example for our children in all situations, especially when we deal with frustrating circumstances. Please be a positive role model for all of our students who will be behind the wheel before you know it!

Events for Your Calendar

October 7, 2016 - Home Volleyball Game

October 10, 2016 - Booster Club Meeting, 6pm, Media Center

October 11, 2016 - Football Game at SHHS

October 12, 2016 - Home Volleyball Game

October 14, 2016 - Half Day (Dismissal at 11am)