Multilingual Learner News

Important News for Multilingual Learners at Lake Bluff

17 September 2021

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Hello Lake Bluff multilingual families! It has been a wonderful three weeks at Lake Bluff. Everyone is settling into their routines. As part of the start to the year, your students are taking the FastBridge assessments in math and English language arts. FastBridge gives teachers another way to check in on student skills to measure growth and find places to differentiate instruction.

Read on for information about:

  • multilingual learner support plans of service
  • the Talking Points app
  • lunch
  • school pictures
  • calendar reminder

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Take care and be safe,

Jennifer Conigliaro

Multilingual Learner (ML) Teacher

Multilingual Learner (ML) Support for September

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Multilingual Learner (ML) support and instruction will begin this week on September 20. If your student qualifies for multilingual support, you have received your child's plan of service through a Google Form. The plan contains lots of information, so please let me know if you have any questions. Please return as soon as possible.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about language support for your child.

Talking Points App for Teacher Communication

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If your child is a current multilingual learner at Lake Bluff, you should have received a text message from me today via an app called Talking Points. You can read more about Talking Points by clicking here. The Talking Points app allows the teacher to send texts to families, and it will automatically translate my text into your preferred language. Families can also text me using their preferred language, and I will see it in English. I will use this app to send important reminders to families about events at Lake Bluff. Please let me know how it is working for you!

You can reply to my texts on your own texting app. If you like, you can also download the Parent version of the Talking Points app. Let me know if you need an invitation. My class code is NBMARo.

You can find more detailed instructions here:





Simplified Mandarin Chinese



Traditional Chinese / Cantonese



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This year, school lunch is free for ALL FAMILIES. Your child will have two choices each day for lunch. They will tell their teacher their choice when they arrive at school in the morning.

Students may also bring their own lunch to school if you prefer.

School Pictures: Friday, September 24

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Students will be taking their annual school photos on Friday, September 24. Your child should have received information from their teacher on how to order a copy for you! Please contact me or your child's teacher if you would like more information.


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You can click on this link to see the full school calendar. Each event is labeled as follows:

  • LB = Lake Bluff Elementary School
  • ATW = Atwater Elementary School
  • SIS = Shorewood Intermediate School
  • SHS = Shorewood High School
  • ALL SCHOOLS = applies to all 4 schools in the district

Look for events labelled LB or ALL SCHOOLS for your child.