Faith's Bucket List

(Not really)

Climbing Rainbow Mountains in China

  • Water and Wind erosion shaped the mountains
  • Physical Weathering
It's just a rainbow mountain. (._.)

I would go with Sasha because her second favorite color is rainbow and we would climb the mountains even though they don't really allow it.

Swimming in the Hawaii Black Sand Beach

  • Wave and Tides shaped the beach
  • Physical Weathering
The black sand came from volcanoes.

I'd go with all (or most) of my friends and just hangout and swim some.

Scuba-diving to the Titanic Wreckage in the Atlantic Ocean

  • Gravity is slowly breaking apart the wreckage
  • Physical Weathering
Titanic Expedition HD (2010) the Wreck of Titanic - Scary Underwater Footage

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

Kinda reminds me of a fairy forest.(_ _|||)